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Radio Jupiter is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Johnny Lewis
Co-founder, and Broadcast Engineer
Johnny Lewis started his career on Radio Caroline in the 1970s as both broadcaster and engineer until the Mi Amigo sank. He later worked for The Voice of Peace off the coast of Israel and numerous radio stations in Ireland. He was aboard Laser 558 before returning to Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge. Johnny has also been heard on several local commercial radio stations around the UK, including Breeze AM in Essex and Invicta Radio, and KMFM in Kent. It is Johnny’s expertise in the technical side of things that ensures that Radio Jupiter is available on the internet’s 192 services. Johnny continues to enjoy presenting music shows and using his vast experience of music radio. Instantly recognisable on-air, he is very much the character in real life that he appears to be when he is on the radio.
Peter Philips
Peter Philips
Co-founder, Presenter and Programme Manager
Peter Philips has that distinct “public service announcement” voice, which is why his colleagues sometimes refer to him as “Mr. World Service”. He enjoys all sorts of music, constantly looking to discover new releases as well as nostalgically revisiting older material. Since starting his radio career in the 1970s, he has worked on a variety of commercial and BBC stations in the UK and abroad, gaining valuable experience that has translated into the musical sound that he has created for Radio Jupiter. He firmly believes that if you like what you hear, the listener should be able to hear it any time of the day, not just at certain times of the week. Favourite film: The Blues Brothers. Favourite cartoon character: Huckleberry Hound. Or possibly Droopy.
Carol Cooke
Co-founder and Mothership Manager
Carol Cooke found herself twiddling her thumbs after retirement. During the Covid lockdowns, she made a comment to her family, “I really need to find something else to occupy myself since I’m getting a bit bored.” That’s when she became one of the co-founders of Radio Jupiter. Carol organised the Radio Jupiter website, email and social media accounts. She called her little office the “Mothership” which was quickly adopted by the “crew” as the hub of Radio Jupiter activities. She continues tokeep the accounts and perform other admin duties. The presenters like to have a good stock of biscuits, teas and coffee, and when there is an issue that needs sorting, Carol is the first port of call. Hence the reason when you get an email from, it will be signed by Carol, Mothership Manager, Biscuit Buyer and Jupiter Janitor, all in good fun.
Len Fisher
Len Fisher is a Battersea boy, born and bred, which probably accounts for his love of Chelsea Football Club. After leaving school Len worked for Scotland Yard before launching a career with British Gas in Marketing, I.T. Training, and Customer Service. After retiring from B.G. he became the Town Clerk for Seaford Town Council for 10 years. Always on the lookout for a challenge, Len approached a local radio station to see if he could learn to be a Radio Presenter, it seems to have worked!!!! Apart from Chelsea, Len’s passions are golfing, fast cars, making those very fast cars, gardening, and his radio work.
Trevor Adams
Trevor Adams’ interest in music started at a very young age. Then, with the arrival of Radio Caroline, Trevor’s real interest in radio started. Unfortunately, by the time he might have considered working in radio, the Caroline ships were towed away! Not knowing what else to do, a career in the insurance industry followed, with Trevor qualifying as a Chartered Loss Adjuster. If a Radio Presenter lurks within, it will find its way out, and so it was with Trevor when he joined Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells, now West Kent Radio, where he continues to present two shows a week. Trevor is delighted to join the team at Radio Jupiter and looks forward to entertaining the listeners with a wide variety of music.
Clive G
Clive G has been involved in radio since 1980, beginning with Mayday Hospital Radio, followed by Epsom Hospital Radio, C.F.M., Solonet, Juice FM, and Flame AM, mixed with several opportunities to take part in R.S.L.s (Restricted Service Licence for 28 days). He really enjoyed working at Hayes FM in Middlesex presenting the midmorning show which was called the Boogie Wonderland. The music was based on American Disco of the eighties funk (Studio 54). Then, while he was at Ridge Radio UK, he gained experience broadcasting on the internet for 5 years. Currently, Clive is involved with 107 Meridian FM where is still presents several shows a week. We are delighted to have Clive G on the Radio Jupiter team. He will be playing all your favourite hits at the weekend. Join him for “the ride of your life, from Jupiter to the moon to planet Earth”. Tune in to enjoy quality and memorable music from the past to the present.
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor came to the UK from Texas. Although she has lived in the UK for over half of her life, listeners will still be able to hear a soft Texas twang. Charlie is not new to radio, although most will have never heard of her. She became interested in British radio in the 1980s and was with the Ross Revenge during its transition from a former fishing trawler into the most famous radio ship. She was mainly there in the background, but she does have the legitimate right to claim that she played the very first record on Radio Caroline’s return during the midnight test transmissions – before the studio microphone was installed! That’s the reason no one has heard her voice before Radio Jupiter. Charlie’s role on Radio Jupiter, is again, mainly in the background. Look out for her occasional Radio Jupiter programs to hear the music that she calls “the great, the good, and the new”!
Chris Williams
Chris Williams hails from Wales, though he currently lives in a rather wild part of France. Perhaps it’s the rugged coastline and the stormy seas which have helped to flavour his musical tastes! He loves all kinds of tunes from the 60s to today, including punk, indie, and even German schlager! Chris has been ‘radioactive’ (so to speak) since his pirate days in the ’80s. Since then, when work has allowed, he has broadcast on numerous RSLs, independent stations, and recently, on a reincarnation of Laser Hot Hits and Big L Radio. Chris is delighted to have joined Radio Jupiter. He can’t wait to play you some really first-class tunes!
Chris Tees
Chris Tees
From an early age, Chris Tees has loved listening to music and Radio. At the age of 12, he presented a link on the breakfast show when he got to be DJ of the day on Radio 210. Chris was a big fan of Caroline 558 in the 80s. He started his Radio adventure on Tarka Hospital Radio in Barnstaple and then Hospital Radio Exeter a little later. Chris has been involved in Radio ever since. He currently presents two evening shows for his local station, East Devon Radio. Chris likes a wide variety of music from Genesis, Coldplay, and The Eagles all of whom he has managed to see live. When he’s not on the radio you can find him in the kitchen. He has been a chef most of his adult life. Living in Exeter, he is originally from Reading. He regularly watches Exeter City FC but also follows Reading FC. Radio Jupiter welcomes Chris and looks forward to his regular programs.
tony Roberts
Tony Roberts
Tony Roberts, at the age of 20,at an event, was asked to take over a Friend’s DJ-ingwhile he went to the loo. After about 45mins Tony noticed him leaning on the bar with a big grin on his face. Tony had been stitched up, but that night he got the DJ bug. After joining the local Hospital Radio, Tony became the Programme Controller/ Station Manager/Presenter/Fund Raiser and Trainer. Later, he and his wife moved to Birmingham. There Tony joined a local community radio station and obtained a qualification in Radio Production and Presentation. Now retired, he moved to the West of Ireland where technology allows him to present his evening shows on Radio Jupiter. Join him to “boldly go” on his mission to bring you a wide spectrum of outstanding music.
ian rowe
Ian Rowe
Ian Rowe has worked in Radio since the 80s, presenting shows on various stations over his time broadcasting including Swindon FM, radio international (Spanish radio). He learned his skills helping with voluntary positions at GWR and working with radio legends such as Gary Vincent (GWR, MAGIC), Shaun Hodgets (GWR, BBC) and Johnny Walker (BBC, GWR). Along with Alan Thompson (BBC), Ian is the founder of a community radio station in his hometown of Swindon on air-for 14 years and counting. Ian regularly interviews people in the news. His passion for engaging with his listener, and sharing his passion for music shines through on air. He looks forward to working on Radio Jupiter, the more music station.
Steve Ralph
Steve Ralph has joined the Radio Jupiter team, bringing a cheery smile to all radio listeners. From an early age, radio has been a real passion for Steve. He was given his first radio at the age of 4 and grew up listening to the offshore Radio Caroline in the 70s and 80s along with Laser 558.He loves most types of music but especially music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. His love of radio extends to collecting radios, and now has quite a collection to the dismay of my wife (“not another radio” lol). Steve can also be heard daily on Cabin FM, Herne Bay's Community Radio station where he’s been for over 6 years, and Sheppey FM.
Garry Davies
Garry Davies
Garry Davies was born and bred in Oldham, Lancashire. He remembers his early school days standing outside the gardener/maintenance man's shed listening to his radio thinking what a great job that must be just playing records on the radio all day. He listened to Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline in his early years.Skip forward to 1978, he spent 6 months as a volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel listening to the Voice Of Peace. Skip forward again to 1995, after moving down south,he became an active volunteer for Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells. Garry’s favourite decade was the 70s. He had the opportunity to see most of the Classic Rock and Prog bands of the time and enjoyed adding to his record collection every week. More recently, while he was considering starting his own radio station, Garryfound Radio Jupiter playing all the songs he loves and would have played (“saving me the trouble”). So now, here he is, doing what he dreamed of doing as a school boy.
Ian McWilliams
Ian McWilliams
Ian McWilliams is from Dublin Ireland and has been presenting music shows for radio since 2012. He loves all music, especially Heavy Metal and Hard Rock When he's not doing radio shows, Ian likes listening to music, watching movies and TV, playing golf, doing karate and kickboxing, cooking, playing video games, trying to keep fit, watching wrestling, supporting Liverpool, superheroes, going to gigs and festivals and socialising. Ian was with Radio Jupiter in 2022. Here has rejoined the team in 2024. He will get your party going and on its toes in a matter of minutes.
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Hope Lacey1
Hope Lacey
Hi, I’m Hope! I’m a Welsh lass with a huge love for music. When I’m not in the studio with my dogs recording Radio Jupiter, I love watching the ice hockey, going for coffee and going on adventures with my friends and family.” Hope Lacey, the niece of Chris Williams, loves music, radio and Radio Jupiter. She has made her radio presentation debut on Radio Jupiter in early 2024 and, although she is our youngest presenter, she has made a bit of a splash with the listeners. Hope started studying at the University of Winchester in 2020 and now lives in Cardiff. She is a nail technician by trade and, with an eye for details, is often found at fashion shows in London and Paris. Hope brings her happy, bubbly personality with her to Radio Jupiter. “With all the negativity out there, let's do something positive!
Frankie Rae1
Frankie Rae
Frankie Rae, being a bit camera shy, is not shy behind a microphone. He comes to Radio Jupiter with many years of experience, first becoming a DJ in 1965 at his local youth club, moving on to pubs and clubs from there. It wasn’t until 2014, when he was asked to dust off his record collection for a gig, that we once again became interested in doing presenting and has been doing a radio show since 2019. He really enjoyed working with his local community radio station which recently closed. Looking around for something to do, gladly, he found Radio Jupiter. Although Frankie enjoys the new music that Radio Jupiter likes to mix and blend with the classic music from the stars each and every hour, his favourite era is the 1960s. In fact, in addition to presenting for Radio Jupiter, you can find him on Radio Seabreeze doing a 2-hour 60s weekly show. Frankie brings with him a wealth of musical knowledge to these new shores of Radio Jupiter.
Robert Lambert no background
Robert Lambert
Author of “Radio Jupiter®, Sounds of the Gods”
After 20 years in print and publishing and 8 years in engineering, Robert Lambert set up his own company specializing in wood floorrestoration. In his spare time, Robert’s passion for writing has resulted in ten books under in two genres. Thriller (‘Your Number’s Up’) and Time Travel (‘The Emerald Eye’). From a young age, Robert enjoyed radio Family Favourites on a Sunday, Radio Caroline and Luxemburg. When John Bonham accidentally parked his car on the front lawn in the early hours, Robert was introduced to Led Zeppelin. Robert said that listening to music (mainly on Radio Jupiter®) while he is writing helps broaden his imagination and mind. In fact, Radio Jupiter®is mentioned in one of his novels. Just for fun, Robert has written and narrated a series of short stories for Radio Jupiter® on the theme of the planets, with subtle humour to raise a smile. Robert said, “Narrating them is fun, as I’m told I have the face for radio.” Be sure to listen for the stories that pop up on Radio Jupiter® daily.
Linda Fourie no background
Linda Fourie
Social Media Support
Linda Fourie was born in the northwest of the UK, went to Coventry University and lived in South Africa for a time before moving and settling in Kent. Linda is the long-time girlfriend of America guitarist Jimmy McG whose songs can be heard on Radio Jupiter®.Being a part of the music scene, Linda feels fortunate to have friends who were her idols in the years gone by, especially thanks to the legendary Alan Merrill of “I Love Rock and Roll” fame. Describing herself as an “unashamed glam rock lover”, she especially loves the music from the 70s and 80s. Linda says she is “Looking forward to help grow the listeners of this amazing Radio Station!!” We are very pleased to welcome Linda to the team.
Colin Warner
Colin Warner
Technical Support
Colin Warner describes himself as primarily a listener, with a former preference for radio of the offshore kind, before going to work in North America & experiencing a different kind of radio. He grew up surrounded by sound broadcasting with family connections going back to the world's first regular wireless broadcasts for entertainment.  Colin has worked with two other UK based stations on the technical/production/scheduling side, with a bit of presenting as & when required, before joining Radio Jupiter, where he much prefers the station's programming philosophy. Although Colin is assisting, behind the scene, with scheduling the music from the stars, listen out for his occasional Radio Jupiter show.
Mary c sound
Mary Cooke
Voice Actor, Sound Production Engineer
Mary Cooke, originally from Kent, now lives and works in Lincoln as a sound technician, freelance sound production engineer and journalist. Having won several singing awards, Mary also plays a variety of instruments including the guitar, bass and flute. She looks for opportunities to work with artists and musicians at every opportunity. She especially enjoys working at music festivals as part of the set-up crew as well as for large acts such as Def Leppard, Metallica and Andre Rieu when they are on tour in the UK. Mary has been supportive of Radio Jupiter® helping with the adverts, providing critical feedback on the overall sound brand of Radio Jupiter® and helping with technical issues.
Jo Pike no background
Jo Pike
Social Media Advisor
Jo Pike has lived in Sussex for 25 years. She has many years’ experience in freelance writing, graphics creation and digital photography editing. She currently focuses on using those skills in the online space, where she is a content creator on several social media platforms. Jo’s aim is to promote a more authentic and positive way of looking at life – with an added dash of humour!
Cass Merry
Voice Over Artist
Cass is a voiceover narrator and fantasy cartographer from Norfolk, England, now living in a small village in the Midlands. He spent much of his early life split between musical theatre and martial arts before studying marketing and working in graphic design. Cass now works narrating documentaries and illustrating maps for fantasy authors. He focuses much of his free time on podcasting, writing tabletop games, and complaining about how steep the nearby roads are to cycle up. We are delighted that Cass is a voice for the Radio Jupiter sweepers and music promotions.

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production engineers, social media gurus and marketing advisors. If you like music, this is the station for you. Make contact with the Mothership at and come fly with us!