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Advertising on the internet is expensive, but advertising on Radio Jupiter is not!

Radio Jupiter is a music-based station that broadcasts on the internet 24 hours a day reaching an ever-growing audience in the UK. After all, good music knows no boundaries. The studio is run by a professionally experienced team who live and work in the UK.

How It Works

Our advertisers are pleasantly surprised at just how affordable Radio Jupiter’s advertising rates are.

Since we are a group of volunteers who support Radio Jupiter, all advertising proceeds are used to support the day-to-day running costs and license fees that are required to run a professional radio station. Anything left over will be sent to our chosen charity, the RNLI.

Advertising with Radio Jupiter is simple and easy to do. If you already have an advert, send it over. Alternatively, tell us who you are, what you want to advertise and contact details and we will have your advert professionally produced. We encourage advertisers to voice their own adverts to give that personal touch.

There are no hidden extras or fixed contracts. If you want to advertise, then let’s do it.

T&Cs apply.

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Radio Jupiter is a great way for your business to reach a growing internet audience. Contact us at for more information.

For further information and our advertising rates please get in touch with us.

Ways to support your favourite radio station: Radio Jupiter

Corporate Sponsorship

Take advantage of our low advertising plans. Sponsor a program, a competition or prizes. Special promotions and announcements can also be arranged to suit your needs.

Help us by making a Donation

Donations will help us to pay our legal fees and running expenses. Anything over and beyond goes to the RNLI.